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Wow! Those look so good! Yum! I'll have to try these.


This is so creative! I will definitely be trying these when it gets warmer here. I can't wait :)


how exactly do you make this? like how much of each thing?


Hi Nicole-
I make them a little different every time and don't use a recipe so I'm sorry, I know that's not much help! Everyone has different sizes of Popsicle molds and different consistencies of yogurt so you kind of just have to play with it. I'm going to guess that for four zoku Popsicles, I used about 2 cups of yogurt, thinned with just enough milk so that I could pour it into the molds. I added about a tablespoon of honey mixed into e 2 cups of yogurt or you could use agave syrup or no sweetener at all. I used about a handful of blueberries, one kiwi sliced, half a peach and a couple of sliced strawberries- with the fruit being divided up between the Popsicles. You can use whatever fruit you like! Hope this helps!

Taste of Sweden

This was really one of the nicest ideas I have ever seen. Did you come up with this idea yourself? Looks soo good - and for those who aren't really breakfast fans it looks really great ;-)

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