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Clare Scott

Beautifully written! :) Bravo!


Thank you for your heart-felt words Janice.


I shared this on twitter, Janice. I am sorry I should have asked first, but it is too good not to share.


And as a teacher and former student of yours who was inspired by your enthusiasm, talent and love of the job... I thank you!!


I am speechless... wow! You have motivated me to have those difficult conversations. Today I sat at the skating rink, quietly listening to two parents talking about how the government should just hurry up and legislate teachers back to work. The furthered this by saying "they hoped that some child left at home by a parent who had to work today would encounter a catastrophe so that the teachers would learn a lesson for walking out on their students". Angered at this comment, I left and went to my car to wait for my daughter's figure skating class to end. Last week I became tired of engaging in conversations with people who just didn't get it, even when I cited examples such as how prior to a few months ago TOC's were not sent in for resource teachers who support some of our most vulnerable kids. Anyway, you have given me the inspiration that I needed to continue to honour and support our profession.


well said, Janice!


Well said......you are an educator that build bridges and changes lives. Standing with you today, knowing all too well just how much your job matters to the children....and to their parents.

Theresa Dow

Well spoken, Janice, from the mind, heart and soul.

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